About Us

Landscape Unique was founded by Florida State University graduate, Drew Dickson. He takes his knowledge of Environmental Science and Studies and applies it to Landscape Design.  This helps him with the soil composition from each site and while looking for correct drainage patterns, which in turn provides sustainable designs.  After college is when he studied horticulture, specifically Central Florida species; alongside his uncle at South Seminole Farm and Nursery.  There, he learned learned about incredible variety that Central Florida can offer and realized that this is a great spot to play with a majority of the worlds plants–using plants from northern climates as well as tropical locations is a designers dream.  While at the nursery, he also studied the practices of the FNGLA landscape design program–taken directly from University of Florida Landscape Architecture program.

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Landscape Unique was born with the idea of using different plants that thrived in our central Florida climate, otherwise not usually seen or planted.   Through years of hard work and great help, Landscape Unique has evolved into a full service landscape company along with quality craftsmen whom are able to maintain beautiful properties through correct horticultural practices.  We are constantly learning better techniques and methods along with new design strategies and applications.  Drew stays up to date on the current landscape trends and loves to traveling to explore new ideas/designs from other cultures or different parts of America and then bring them back to our clients.Landscape Unique