Professional flower Installation for Orlando’s summer heat




Summer in Central Florida can be brutal on all plants. Most of our annuals cannot compete with the heat of the midday sun and will wilt and die, while others have problems with too much moisture during the wet, humid, swap-like nights. Oh, is it horrible…but there is hope.

There are a handful of plants that actually thrive in humid environments and do not mind the heat of the midday sun.

Annual Installation in Orlando can be as easy as 123….




Yep, just like those little shells at the beach–these things come in lots of colors, too!.  I’ve seen them growing in concrete–seriously.  I had a plant I let live in my driveway for like 5 months..blooms and all.  Which just goes to show that these guys can take a beating by the sun.  They seem like some kind of succulent the way they thrive in the hottest of days. They are my go to annual when someone asks for them in the summertime.



If you like impatiens, then you will love Vincas.  They look very similar from a distance, however, the difference about these awesome flowers is that they do not like shade.  They can live in shade, but the will not thrive.

For shade, a better alternative is shown below:





One of my favorite plants to purchase is the coleus.  They can only be used during our hottest months because they hate any sign of cold weather. They come in many colors and make excellent mass of colors especially in shade.




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